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Frozen Yogurt

Snoyo was created by people who know very well the food market as well as the section of franchising.

The innovative idea of frozen yogurt creates opportunities of growth at every part of Greece and co-operation with dynamic businessmen creates important perspectives with real guarantees of success for each part.

I want more . . . Snoyo!

The vision of Snoyo has to do with the creation of a powerful branch network with each store being the place of meeting for the local consumers with high quality products, mainly frozen yogurt, as well as sweets, coffee and drinks among others and with each collaborator working in his business having high profitability and pleasant working conditions.

Healthy snack

During its production fresh Greek yogurt and milk are used.

It is a healthy snack because the final product is low fat (only 2%) and has no sugar (stevia 2%) although it is an amazingly delicious temptation that can be consumed fearlessly by children and adults as well.